Friday, 3 April 2015

Jericho: Countdown to Oblivion - Chapter 14: Yahweh is Salvation

There is no risk in taking risks when Jesus is in your life.

As I said earlier, my faith in Jesus ensures there are no risks in the decisions I make, and upon entrusting Him with our lives, they then become predetermined, predetermined for success. Until then we were lost, presuming to be in control of our own lives and making a complete mess of them. But now things are more promising, because we have given the most able man in the universe permission to make a few changes, to decide what is best for us.
     When God turned my life around, I was awestruck that even He was able to rearrange each turn of events which led me to that point in time. How? Was the only question on my mind. It went beyond all intelligence. Upon reflection of my past experiences, I realised some misfortunes were necessary for me to arrive at that fortunate point in time. It is in this moment that we witness the magnificent architect at work; we have received the intercession of the spirit. What a privilege that He does this especially for each and every individual. This is how loving Our Father is.
     I was into all kinds of mysteries including UFOs and extraterrestrial life, but I can remember clearly when my eyes were opened something like this:

Aliens? No. This goes way beyond that. Not even the most advanced species in all the universe could pull this off, and why would they? This is something specific for me and it had been done out of compassion, compassion that cannot be matched, one I am not worthy of considering my past, compassion unlike anything of this world. This is divine.

     This was my revelation. I do not doubt the existence of extraterrestrial life, but I knew right then that the scriptures were right: we are not the product of extraterrestrial experimentation to create a slave race of gold miners of whom the “Anunaki” can exploit. Oh no, we are much more than that; we are God’s greatest creation.
     We are loved. So much so, that everything is miraculously turned in our favour once we have a change of heart; once we make sacrifices of our own and do something for Him, He will return the favour and redesign the entire world based around us. As I said, this goes way beyond aliens. Man knows his creator once he sees this happen, and he will never doubt His existence again. The truth is, God is looking out for us like this every day, people just fail to see it; they do not see the signs and the experience is not as intense as when they become a true believer.
     God has put in place, with the help of Satan (his puppet), many distractions and adversities to test us and our faith. When we are trapped inside this matrix of deception, there are always faint opportunities to pull ourselves out yet we procrastinate, doubting their existence due to the extremely unlikely odds of their purpose targeting us specifically. How am I that important?, is the doubt preventing us from seizing those opportunities and we lose faith. But there is a world that revolves around each and every individual because God has made it that way, with our ultimate success in mind.
     God cares for us so much that He will manipulate our realities to focus on our well-being; He will bring down those walls; He will move that mountain; He will part the seas to rescue His faithful followers from their pursuing enemies; He will change the course of history if it meant that one person would do something worthwhile; He will jumpstart their life—literally; He will say, “Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon, because My people are a chosen people, and I will give them My sword and deliver them all from death.” He will change the physics of the entire universe to suit a single man . . . if he finds God.
     Let this thought remove all doubt behind those strange occurrences that seemed impossibly self-oriented. They were. It is God. And this is how He works in our lives. And this was the truth I discovered upon witnessing the great architect at work. And science does not explain the compassion that was involved when my reality was changed and God gave me a helping hand.