Friday, 1 May 2015

5 Day Free Book Promo

Hi guys, it's Adam here. I hope you all enjoyed the excerpts and quotes I have posted lately. I just wanted to let you all know that there will be a special 5 day promo on 'Jericho' where you get the Kindle version absolutely free! Here's the link:

And here is what is included:

#Jericho book summary available now! Discover the mysteries of the Book of #Joshua and also #Revelation:

- Bible mysteries explained, including Jericho’s walls
- Archaeological evidence verifying Joshua’s testimony
- The #ArkOfTheCovenant and its mystical powers
- The ‘Captain of the Lord’s Host’ and the union/ #trinity 
- #Rahab , the harlot, and the message of #salvation 
- The Book of Revelation parallel with the trumpets
- The Book of Revelation decoded
- End-time prophecies being fulfilled
- Christ’s hidden messages to His vigilant followers

. . . all this and much, much more.

This free book promo will last until Sunday.

If any of you could leave a review I would really appreciate it.

God bless,