Monday, 24 August 2015

Jericho: Countdown to Oblivion — Chapter 9: The Downfall


Go not to Dumbo.

Revelation 18:10 emphasises God’s anger with the New Babylon; she will be wiped from the face of the earth within an hour. John describes this abominable city as floating on many waters:

AND one of the seven angels having the seven bowls came and spoke to me, saying: “Come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters.” (Revelation 17:1)

     The harlot who sits on many waters is a reference to the pagan goddess Ishtar and her bad influence on many countries and nations. But who is John addressing specifically? Which city has put in place the great whore of Babylon whose influence has now spread to other parts of the globe?
     New York city, in biblical terms, ‘floats on water’, because it consists of many islands, with the heart of this great and powerful megacity (Manhattan) connecting to a place called ‘Dumbo’ via the ‘Brooklyn Bridge’—also very significant in this circumstance—and there does so happen to conveniently be a huge statue sitting upon the waters of New York that is very strange and revealing in appearance and subject to much debate among religious scholars, historians, and conspiracy theorists worldwide.
     The Statue of Liberty (Liberty Enlightening the World) in Manhattan, New York, was designed by a French man named Bartholdi, who dedicated it to the U.S. in 1886 as a gift from the people of France. However, what most people do not realise is that it represents an ancient Roman goddess of freedom known as Libertas. This seems relatively harmless at first glance, although some might call it idolatry, which of course sounds outrageous. But, just out of interest, who is this Roman goddess Libertas, and what mysteries might she hold?
     Libertas is the Roman goddess for liberty, and the Americans chose to use it because they fought for their independence and valiantly won their freedom, which is fair enough, and any claim that Lady Liberty is an idol every person living in New York is worshipping is absurd. Upon further research, however, the facts are indisputable, and one cannot help but consider the additional and more worrying meaning and purpose of this statue.
     Libertas is the Roman name for Ishtar, the pagan goddess and centre of religious worship in both cities Babylon and Nineveh, worshipped by the Babylonians and Assyrians, which in turn led to their eventual destruction. Could this be yet another coincidence? Of course not. This has all been premeditated from the very beginning, before the plans for this megacity were conceived.
     New York city, the “Big Apple” from which many have been tempted to feast upon, has a pagan goddess of Babylon welcoming immigrants who seek refuge in this “land of the free”. And with this abominable statue in New York—and also the one in Paris—Ishtar is holding a golden torch tantamount to historic idols of Ishtar and the description of Babylon in Revelation 17:4. Furthermore, the sculptor of this colossal structure (Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi) was a Freemason, who clearly understood the Babylonian origins of his work and intentionally based its design on this Assyrian goddess.
     There is a terracotta relief in the Louvre Museum depicting Ishtar, the “Queen of the Night”, lifting her torch in the exact same manner as the Statue of Liberty, and similar carvings can be found in museums worldwide. Washington D.C. also has a Statue of Freedom atop its “Capitol” building. Many statehouses have statues of Lady Liberty on them. She can be found on American coinage also, which is not so surprising considering the very origin of money was developed to worship this Assyrian goddess. The crown of the Statue of Liberty has seven horns also, representing Ishtar, who was adorned with seven spikes on her head.
     Whilst being highly revered by her inhabitants, the hidden meaning of this idol shouts “Babylon! Babylon! Babylon!” throughout her lands. No-one can escape this fact; this mother of harlotry and all abominations of the earth can be found all over the U.S., and it is only a matter of time before Ishtarism becomes more widespread.
     Another bull’s-eye painted around the city of New York—and certainly the most revealing—is the name of some of its boroughs, which made decoding Revelation much easier to say the least, and in conjunction with the other immeasurable resemblances in Revelation, this certainly settles the matter:
     Upon randomly searching for Babylon on Google Maps, there it was, ‘Babylon NY’, along with a ‘West Babylon’, a ‘North Babylon’, a ‘Babylon Riding Centre’ (how lovely), a ‘Babylon Junior High School’, a ‘West Babylon Senior High School’, a ‘Babylon Marina’, a ‘Babylon Yacht Club’, and a ‘Babylon Bicycle Shop’. Well with Babylon preceding every single name in this place and other names like ‘Dumbo’ it is hard to say no-one was warned, and it does not take a genius to figure out that New York is the New Babylon John describes considering Ishtar has infested every street corner.
     Rationally, there are meaningless similarities with today’s usage of the word Babylon, and there are some very small franchises that use this name, but this borough stretches about five kilometres squared in New York city. It is huge. And not so discretely named ‘Babylon, New York’.
     Whoever foresees the infrastructural development of New York certainly seems to enjoy playing little biblical mind games. The coincidences are overwhelming, and combined with the other disquieting facts about this doomed city, evidently it is the one John has seen in his vision.
     None of this has happened merely by chance because it is far too unlikely and precise, and it appears evident that secret societies like the Freemasons, responsible for erecting the Statue of Liberty, are fulfilling the testaments of the Bible in the way its authors intended, and they have played a very important role in establishing the New Babylonian system that has now spread to many parts of the globe.
     Any who still choose to disbelieve should understand that the people in control of this world will see to it that all of this happens precisely as it was written thousands of years ago. So whether one chooses to believe in God or not, there are very dark and powerful entities involved who like to play God who cannot be avoided.
     The true identities of these megalomaniacs can be found in ‘The Apocalypse of Abraham’ and ‘The Book of Enoch’, which were written over a thousand years ago. They are the spirits that control this world and all of its people; they control the lands and the seas, the kings and the queens, the clouds in the sky and the stars in the heavens, and the construction of many megalithic monuments and cities like New York—and they see to it that everything goes as planned.
     The leaders of the very wealthy, powerful, and influential United States, which include founding fathers Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and Adams, have done their utmost to ensure New York very closely resembles the Old Babylon. It was, after all, these extraordinary gentlemen who reworked, redesigned, and founded the great and powerful cities of the U.S. Whatever intelligences are involved, one thing is clear: they are setting the stage for John’s apocalypse, where all those who did not repent and accept Jesus as their LORD and Saviour will be punished for their wrongdoings.
     New York is second only to Japan in terms of wealth and has infected the entire world with idolatry, harlotry, much anger, profanity, and violence, and God’s wrath is now kindled against it. But what is most interesting about all of this is the fact that it has all been predestined to happen by the very people who founded America. And this my friends, is the hand of God.

Adam Cherrington, Author of Jericho