Sunday, 15 February 2015

Babylon, NY

Oblivious. God has designated his target.
Discover the location of the New Babylon of John's Revelation on Google Maps.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Jericho: Countdown to Oblivion — Chapter 8: Eleven Horns

     In the Book of Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar calls for his magicians, enchanters, and wise men to interpret one of his visions. He then demands them to tell him his vision and its interpretation or else he will have them all burned in a fiery furnace. Bewildered by such ridiculous orders, none are able to do so. All except one man: Daniel.

     Daniel prays to God that He will reveal Nebuchadnezzar’s vision to him, and that night it is revealed to him in a dream. He then tells Nebuchadnezzar the vision and its interpretation. The vision is regarding five great and domineering empires of the world, Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian empire, and four future empires God chose to reveal to the king.

     Prior to Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian empire were the Egyptian and Assyrian (Sumerian) empires, which, combined with the five in Daniel’s vision, make a total of seven. The empires in his vision are the following:

1.      Babylonian, ruled by Nebuchadnezzar

2.      Persian/Achaemenid, ruled by Xerxes

3.      Grecian/Athenian, ruled by Alexander the Great

4.      Roman
. . . But there will be one more, seventh empire (this being the fifth in Daniel’s vision).

—Adam Cherrington, Jericho


Saturday, 7 February 2015

Jericho: Countdown to Oblivion

     Hello everyone, my name is Adam, welcome to my ministry. Do you have questions about the Bible which have not yet been explained? Is there a doubt causing you to disbelieve? Do you question God's judgement or want to know why He work's so mysteriously? Are you interested in learning more about the Book of Revelation and end-time events? Would you like to discover other mysteries of the Old Testament? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then I highly recommend this book:

Let him who reads understand (Matthew 24:15)

     As the Book of Revelation unfolds, God will send His angels to gather both the weeds and the wheat for the harvest. Finding the right gathering is therefore essential in this very confusing time we are living. Are we in the right place? Is it the right gathering?

     This book explains Bible prophecy as you have never heard it before: discover the connection between the Book of Joshua, where seven trumpet sounds herald the annihilation of the entire city of Jericho, and the Book of Revelation, where this story is repeated, and the seven trumpet bearing angels of God herald the coming apocalypse of the New Babylon, whose sins of idolatry, fornication, violence, and much hatred, have infected the entire world. Who are they? What can you do about it? Who can you run to during this time of tribulation? And, most importantly, where are the best places to gather? One man holds all the answers, and His gathering is here. Don’t miss it!

     What you will learn from reading this prophetic guide:

- The mysteries of Jericho, including the miraculous collapse of its walls
- Recent archaeological discoveries substantiating books of the Old Testament
- Linking the Book of Joshua with Revelation and why it is relevant
- Revelation and other end-time prophecies decoded, and what to expect in the near future
- The meaning of the hidden messages of Jesus to the more vigilant followers

     This and much, much more in this groundbreaking adventure into some of the most unexplained, thought-provoking, significant, and meaningful historical discoveries and prophecies of all time.