Thursday, 8 October 2015

Revelation 13 Madness - The Third Red Scare?: All Hail "Uncle Putin"! (9 May 2015)

The Third Red Scare is here!

The Red Dragon of Revelation 13 is essentially a Chinese-North Korean - and possibly Russian - communist takeover of Hollywood and the world. And you can forget McCarthyism, because this is and always has been the reality of the Marxist-Leninist, Maoist, state-socialist communist parties of the east, with a Hollywood takeover absolutely being the game plan. And, in latest news, this bonkers North Korean style ‪‎cult of personality‬ madness has now been embraced and implemented by the Chinese government to make its citizens magnify and exalt a very powerful yet unexpected leader.
     In China's latest propaganda video, power and authority is given to the beast of Russia, "handsome" President "Uncle" Vladimir Putin (the most influential man in the world). Everyone sing the "praises of Putin" and the Russian national anthem. Forget giving power and authority to the beast following the last 2 seals and 7 trumpets of the angels, because the Chinese government have just given it to Putin!

This is but a taste of what is to come in ‪‎Revelation 13‬ and the eventual coup d├ętat of North America by Russian and Chinese communists. The Big Red Dragon is getting stronger, and soon nothingon earthwill be able to stop him as the Antichrist overcomes the saints.
      So us binge drinking, slobbering, football hooligan Europeans will be up against communist Chinese, North Koreans, Russians and possibly seriously brainwashed Americans (three superpowers against one) as the socialists attempt a takeover of Hollywood and eventually the world using the new Hollywoodism religion which has enticed all mankind, destroying all Christendom as we know it and paving the way for the Third and Final of Nostradamus' Antichrists.
     The abomination of television is the perfect propaganda tool, and as Satan strengthens his armies the couch potato Homer Simpson cult of the West is scratching its backside whilst worshipping the dumb idols in every living room or watching the latest football game with a nice refreshing can of Coolaid. And although I do not believe in this socialistic nightmare which would enslave man with its 'mark of the beast' 'Auschwitz serial number' identification system, you must admit they do have a point.

We do not deserve to win, and we do deserve to lose.
God save us, for no-one else can.

—Adam Cherrington, Author of Jericho

—And just when you thought it could not get any weirder, the new Putin Universe exhibition has opened, with paintings of the Soviet President depicted as Gandhi, Muhammad Ali, Batman, and even the Hulk. You cannot make this stuff up:

Bear it in mind and pray to Jesus during these troubled times. What a mad world we live in. God bless.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Tom Cruise Mashup - Best of Adam's Ministry Prophecy Update 2015

Tom Cruise mashup funny interview - best of. Oprah sofa jumping Scientology film star goes crazy in Mission Impossible 6 behind the scenes official trailer featurette/preview. Has he gone completely insane?

Funniest moments from Adam's end times Prophecy Update 2015 videos including the following from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible:

- the Book of Revelation Decoded
- megathrust earthquakes causing continental drift
- Wormwood
- the super eruption from Yellowstone Supervolcano
- Chinese communist propaganda
- the Red Dragon and beast of Revelation 13 explained
- the United States of America Babylonian Empire
- the Whore of New Babylon NY
- Libertas/Ishtar Enlightening the World
- Hollywood communists
- worldwide blasphemy
- the four horsemen of the apocalypse (Revelation 6)
- one third of all sea life and ships destroyed
- the EU empire strikes back
- the four angels bound by the great river Euphrates
- an army of 200 million in the Middle East

... and much, much more is explained in Adam's Prophecy Update Series. This is Revelation decoded!