Monday, 14 September 2015

Hollywoodism and the Communist Takeover of the World via Hollywood

The image of the beast is television, and the beast, according to Daniel, is a kingdom, and that kingdom is the United States of America. Mankind is already worshipping an image of the beast and has been for decades. Hollywoodism is the biggest threat to humanity. In this endtime prophecy update video, Adam interviews Tom Cruise to get to the bottom of this idolatrous behaviour, and warns of a communist takeover of the world via Hollywood in the end times.

The Bible says in the Book of Revelation that the red dragon will give power and authority to the beast. This red dragon with two horns is a reference to Gog and Magog (Russia and China). What Revelation 13 is describing is a communist takeover of the world, and they will be going for Hollywood as a means of promoting their propaganda and causing the whole world to blaspheme God in the end. This process will be very subtle, and they will integrate into American society and occupy America as they are this very moment. After she is mortally wounded, the red dragon will help her recover but will have a secret agenda in mind, this being the takeover of the world via “Hollywoodism”and it has already begun.

This dragon persecutes the woman with a crown of twelve stars who bore the male child (Revelation 12). This is a reference to Christian persecution in the latter days. Find out why it is essential for mankind to turn from worshipping the dumb idols which have secured their place in each and every household. This is how Satan will deceive man and make him blaspheme God in the end. Please stop this insanity before the Chinese take full advantage of this perfect propaganda tool.

God bless.

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