Friday, 4 September 2015

Television: The Image of the Beast

Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image. (Leviticus 26:1) 

Almost a century has passed and man remains oblivious to the elephant in the living room known as television, a dumb idol graven image that Abraham smashed to pieces with an axe. This is the new religion, which coincidentally matches John's description of an image of the beast that can both speak and live in Revelation 13 that man will be made to worship. If Satan is to deceive the entire world, then surely this will be how he does it. How on earth did we fall for this?

One of the most important videos in Adam's Prophecy Update series, 'Television: The Dumb Idol Graven Image of the Beast', is probably the most controversial interpretation of the Book of Revelation yet who can deny it? Some countries (like Communist China, Russia, and North Korea) will even kill citizens for not believing in their televised propaganda (Revelation 13:15). This is not Bible prophecy; it is reality, and mankind has been worshiping an image of the beast for decades. Find out which beast and what can be done about this worldwide deceit in this essential endtime video by Adam Cherrington, author of 'Jericho: Countdown to Oblivion', available at

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